What does a bad traveller look like?

What does a bad traveller look like?

Posted July 03, 2018 06:16:16 The word ‘bad’ has been used to describe a traveller who is not good in a certain area, or a traveller with a lack of self-control.

But a report published by the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) in June suggested the word was also being used to denote a person who has a poor reputation.

The WHO’s report said the word could be used to refer to a person, or group, who are viewed as being “poor”, and could include those who have committed acts of discrimination, have poor access to health care, have been subject to discrimination and are not respected by their communities.

It said the use of the word ‘poor’ was also used in relation to people who have been victims of trafficking, such as women, girls, disabled and migrant workers.

‘Poor’ as an adjectiveThe WHO report said it was not the first time the word had been used.

In the 1980s, for example, the US Senate voted to use the word as a pejorative to describe people of Chinese origin who were working in agriculture.

But it was the 1990s that the term began to take on a negative connotation, with reports of Chinese people who had died in the United States or overseas.

“The word is used to stigmatise Chinese people, especially migrant workers, who have died in factories or in the US or overseas,” the WHO said.

That stigma has become particularly prominent since the Chinese government banned the use and sale of the fake Chinese name ‘Manchurian candidate’ on the mainland.

More recently, the use has become more overt.

A Chinese woman at a border checkpoint has been quoted as saying she was told by border guards that she was a “poor traveler” because she had brought the fake name to the border and “looked Chinese”.

Another Chinese woman who was deported from the US in 2013 said she was also told she was poor because she did not speak English and her name did not end in a period.

When the Chinese Ministry of Education banned the name ‘Chinayo’, the WHO report suggested that was the first case of its kind.

Read moreWhat are some common meanings of the term?

The report also said there was a widespread belief in China that a traveller’s nationality should be a factor in determining their quality of life.

However, the report said that it was also widely accepted that there was no evidence that migrant workers were discriminated against because of their nationality.

What does ‘poor traveler’ mean?

The term ‘poor traveller’ can also be used in terms of what people consider to be a ‘bad’, or ‘poor’, experience.

An article on the website of the Chinese People’s Daily newspaper, published in January this year, described a Chinese woman as “a poor traveller who brought her Chinese name and nationality to the Chinese side of the border” and said she had been detained at the border for two days.

She said she spent two days with a woman who did not want her to be detained and then a third day with another woman who had been released.

After the first day, the woman had been “bribed” with money, but after the second day she was allowed to stay.

Why is the term ‘Poor Traveler’ being used?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

There are some signs that people are starting to take the word more seriously, according to Katherine Chen, a professor of communication at the University of Sydney.

Many people believe that ‘poor traveler’ is an epithet to describe someone who does not behave appropriately and behave poorly in a way that is perceived as disrespectful, Ms Chen said.

The term “poor travelers” is also a way of referring to people in poverty, she said. 

It can be used as a slur against migrants or refugees who do not speak the language, she added.

But there is no clear definition of what a ‘poor person’ is, she told ABC Radio.



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