Which Sydney hotels have the cheapest prices?

Which Sydney hotels have the cheapest prices?

The Sydney market is littered with cheap hotels, with many of the best-known properties fetching a premium in the local market.

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Here are our picks for the 20 most affordable Sydney hotels.1.

Hilton Garden Inn & SpaKempegowda Hotel: $3,300 per nightThe Kempegowdas is the Sydney’s premier resort and one of the city’s most expensive hotels.

The luxurious hotel offers the perfect escape for those looking for a great night out.

The hotel also features in the Disney movie Frozen, which tells the tale of Elsa’s descent into the icy depths of the North Pole.2.

Hilton Centennial Resort: $2,300A luxurious hotel that overlooks the city, Hilton Centurion offers a luxurious stay for around $2 per night, but it’s also a perfect option for those who prefer to stay in a larger hotel room.3.

Hilton Hyatt Sydney: $1,700The luxury hotel offers one of Sydney s most exclusive features, the private balcony that overlook the city.

This allows you to enjoy a view of the Sydney Harbour and the city at night, without the need to climb over the fence or climb over fences.4.

Hilton LeBreton Hills Hotel: 3,000-3,500$2,000 per nightWhen you’re in Sydney you’re more than likely to encounter a high-end hotel with a premium price tag.

The Hilton Le Breton Hills is the most expensive hotel in Sydney and offers the luxury of having your own balcony overlooking Sydney Harbour.5.

Hilton Newlands: 3.500-4,000$1,500-1,800The Hilton Newland is a luxurious hotel in the heart of Sydney that offers a great view of Sydney Harbour, the CBD and the Sydney Opera House.6.

Hilton Sydney Harbour Centre: 3-3.500$1-1.5 per nightIt is often said that Sydney is not as expensive as it used to be, but in the past few years Sydney has seen a dramatic drop in its price tag, which has seen hotel prices rise.

This is the result of many factors, such as the economic downturn and a rise in demand for high-value accommodation.7.

Hilton Westfield Sydney: 3-$1,000The Hilton Westfields Sydney is one of Australia s most luxurious hotels, offering a luxurious and well-appointed experience for the family or friend, with the luxury features including a private balcony overlooking the city and a rooftop pool, making it a great option for the more affluent traveller.8.

Marriott Hotel Melbourne: $9,400-12,500The luxurious hotel at Hilton Melbourne is the highest-end of Sydneys hotels, but the hotel also boasts the luxurious features that make it an excellent option for a night out with friends.9.

Marriott Westfield: $10,000-$16,000A great option when you’re looking for the ultimate luxury experience.

The hotel at Westfield offers a superb experience, including a large private balcony, private elevator, luxury bath and even private bathrooms.10.

Marriott Southbank: $8,500-$14,000This is an expensive hotel that is located in the city centre and offers a very private experience.

For more information, check out our report on the top hotels in Sydney.11.

Marriott Sydney Harbour Hotel: 5,500€6,500A luxury hotel that offers the best view of central Sydney and is a perfect way to spend a night with friends, family or a romantic getaway.12.

Marriott Perth Hotel: 4,500 €4,500An elegant hotel that has a spacious balcony overlooking Melbourne Harbour, while it offers the opportunity to spend your evening in a romantic setting.13.

Marriott Eastman: 4.500€4,200An upscale hotel that can be found in the CBD with an elegant and spacious private balcony.14.

Marriott Carlton Hotel: 2,500 – 3,500When it comes to Sydney s top hotels, there are a number of top-tier hotels that offer the luxury that only a very well-equipped hotel can offer.

These hotels are not only luxurious, but also a great way to make the most of your Sydney night out, as they offer the most exclusive services.15.

Marriott Castleford Hotel: 10,000€8,000When it’s time to take a break, it’s always a great idea to head to the Castleford hotel, a luxury hotel located in Melbourne’s CBD that offers an exceptional night out for its guests.16.

Marriott St Peters Hotel: 8,000 – 10,500This is a very expensive hotel, but you can’t beat the luxurious views of the iconic Sydney Harbour from the balcony overlooking it.17.

Marriott Queen Street: 8.500 €7,000An upscale Sydney hotel that features an extensive spa, with all its facilities including a spa pool, a hot tub and a private lounge.


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