How Singapore is helping poor travelers to visit their homeland

How Singapore is helping poor travelers to visit their homeland

Singapore has been a popular destination for the poor as well as the well-to-do.

Here are some of the ways Singapore is providing aid to those in need.


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Singapore is a charity founded in 2007 to combat cruelty to animals.

It helps over 300,000 people around the world.


The Salvation Army Singapore is the largest humanitarian organisation in the world and it helps millions every year.


The World Health Organization Singapore is one of the top charities in the UN and is responsible for addressing global health issues, particularly global pandemic.


The United Nations Children’s Fund Singapore is responsible in many ways for the UN’s work around the globe, from fighting poverty to combating child trafficking.


The National Children’s Health Centre Singapore is dedicated to supporting children and adolescents across the globe and is a key player in ensuring that they have access to safe and quality healthcare and education.


Singapore’s International School for the Blind Singapore is an accredited school that offers courses in visual arts, music, language, and other subjects.

It also helps to educate children and their families about visual and auditory learning.


The Singapore Science and Technology Organisation Singapore is Singapore’s national science and technology organisation and helps to ensure that Singapore’s technological sector continues to thrive.


The International Committee for the Red Cross Singapore is tasked with providing humanitarian assistance to those affected by disasters in Africa and the Middle East.


The Overseas Medical Centre Singapore helps people who need international health care in the UK and other countries to access medical services.


The Red Cross and Red Crescent Society Singapore helps to provide healthcare to people who live in poverty and in developing countries.


The Samaritans Singapore provides assistance to people in need to help them access healthcare.


Singapore Medical Society Singapore’s Mission is to promote compassion and help to empower people in the health sector to provide quality care.


The Centre for Development and Humanitarian Action Singapore is committed to supporting those affected in the aftermath of disasters.


Singapore Children’s Hospital Singapore is run by a team of Singaporean and international medical experts.

It supports the care of children and young people suffering from severe health issues.


The Children’s Emergency Care Centre Singapore’s Emergency Medical Service helps those affected during disasters, including those living in vulnerable areas.


The UN Children’s Agency Singapore is also known for its humanitarian work and is currently supporting some of Singapore’s most vulnerable children and youth.


Singapore Development Institute Singapore is funded by the Singapore government to provide scholarships for the development of the city.


Singapore Tourism Singapore is home to some of Asia’s best-known cultural and historic sites and attractions.

The country is also home to the largest number of foreign tourists in the country.


Singapore Women’s Federation Singapore is in charge of the affairs of Singapore Women and their rights, with a mission to ensure equality and protection for women and girls in Singapore.


The People’s Volunteer Society Singapore is focused on the development and promotion of social justice, human rights, equality and democracy.


The Society for Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship Singapore is working with companies to provide opportunities for young people to start businesses and improve their careers.


The Foreign Minister’s Office Singapore is closely involved in the development process and the implementation of the Singapore-US Strategic Partnership, including the South-South Economic Corridor.


The Government of Singapore Singapore’s Foreign Policy is focused around strengthening the relationship with its neighbours and the United States.


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