A look at the poverty travelers who are taking their place

A look at the poverty travelers who are taking their place

In a country where nearly two thirds of the population lives below the poverty line, there’s a large number of people who live on the margins of society.

But it’s not all bad news.

In fact, the number of travelers on the low end of the poverty spectrum has grown, and many of them are working hard to help themselves.1.

In Indonesia, an elderly woman who lost her job in the mining industry is traveling to work as a hotel maid to support herself.

Her story has caught the attention of a local television station and sparked conversations about the need for better nutrition for the elderly.2.

In Kenya, a man in his 70s is using a bicycle as a daily vehicle for his daughter to travel the country’s forests and mountains.3.

In the Dominican Republic, a couple from a poor family are traveling together to visit relatives in Brazil and other parts of the world.4.

In China, a woman living on the edge of poverty has decided to spend her days doing laundry in the basement of her home.

She is currently using the space as a kitchen.5.

In Nigeria, a mother in her 60s travels from her rural village in Nigeria to a wealthy city to work in a high-tech company.6.

In Thailand, a former child worker who is now a taxi driver and a father of three is working to feed his family.7.

In Colombia, a grandmother who is currently on a bus trip to a vacation destination with her husband and children is struggling to feed her two young children.8.

In Bangladesh, a widower living on his own is working as a bus driver to help support his family and provide for his children.9.

In India, a 70-year-old mother who has been living in the slums of Mumbai for many years is now traveling with her two daughters to a new city to help them with school.10.

In South Africa, a father who has lived on the streets for 40 years has decided he wants to travel to a better life for his two young sons and give them a better start in life.11.

In Brazil, a 60-year old grandmother who has not had much contact with her children is travelling with her three children and her grandchildren to visit them for Christmas.12.

In Malaysia, a retired teacher living on her own is trying to feed and educate her children with a small income from the state pension fund.13.

In Cambodia, a 63-year person with disabilities is living on a small sum of money to help her family maintain a comfortable living and the basic necessities of life.14.

In Spain, a 30-year resident of the country is traveling with his family for the holidays to help with the financial needs of his wife and children.15.

In Mexico, a 67-year year old woman who is living with her mother and grandmother in the city of Veracruz is traveling from her home in the state of Guerrero to visit her elderly relatives.16.

In Romania, a 47-year elderly man is traveling on a private plane from his home in Romania to visit his family in the capital city of Bucharest.17.

In Belgium, a 45-year woman is working in a nursing home to support her two children and a disabled husband.18.

In Greece, a 65-year man is going to a village in the countrys northeast to work at a local construction site to support his elderly parents.19.

In Israel, a 52-year disabled man who has never had contact with his siblings and grandchildren is traveling alone to help his elderly father who is in a wheelchair.20.

In Tanzania, a 42-year married woman is travelling to work on a farm to support a disabled family.21.

In Sweden, a 62-year retired nurse is traveling for the holiday season with her family to help improve her health and support her family.22.

In Ireland, a 55-year widower is traveling and raising a family in Ireland to support himself and his two children.23.

In Austria, a 40-year pensioner is traveling in a caravan to visit elderly relatives in the northern part of the nation.24.

In Argentina, a 64-year mother of three who is traveling through Argentina on a road trip is visiting her elderly family for Christmas and Christmas Eve.25.

In Peru, a 43-year unemployed man is visiting a church in the countryside to visit the elderly and to support the elderly at home.26.

In Hungary, a 37-year pregnant woman is traveling together with her 15-year husband to visit friends in the south.27.

In Denmark, a 56-year father and his 60-years-old son are traveling from Denmark to Norway to visit their son and visit their mother at home for the winter holidays.28.

In Switzerland, a 58-year divorced woman is returning to her village in Switzerland with her 10-year child and her elderly husband.29.

In Canada, a 75-year family man is spending the


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