Which is better: Vietnam or China?

Which is better: Vietnam or China?

Posted February 10, 2018 07:18:59 Hanoi’s economy has suffered a severe downturn, but that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the world’s most expensive places to visit.

In fact, the city’s tourism industry is so big that some locals have even nicknamed it “China.”

In this exclusive video, we take a look at the two countries’ trade and travel trends, as well as what to expect when you visit Hano.

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Posted February 08, 2018 09:13:45 It’s hard to argue that Hano has not been in the news lately.

It’s been a tough few weeks for the city and the U.S. and its allies in the region.

But Hano, like any of the other nations in Southeast Asia, is facing challenges of its own.

It has been a difficult few weeks.

In Hano in 2017, the Chinese government banned American companies from using the city as a transit point for their goods.

And Hano’s leaders have said that they will stop buying American goods.

We’re seeing more and more cases of China’s trade practices against Vietnam, especially in the oil sector.

And it’s also the case that China is doing more of its business with its neighbor, even if the two nations don’t always see eye-to-eye.

Vietnam is also experiencing a rise in violent crime, especially involving drugs.

But that doesn’t mean that Haoi is safe.

In many ways, Vietnam is like a big city.

It has a lot of people and a lot going on at once, so you’re always getting to know your neighbors and the world at large.

But we’re seeing a lot more violence here, especially because there are so many people living there, and they don’t necessarily know how to deal with things.

The biggest thing is that Hansan is not a place that you go to for a vacation, or even a night out, so the police have been really tight-lipped about what’s going on.

There’s no social media for people to talk about things.

You can’t call them out on things that you can’t see, and it’s hard for the police to track down suspects.

As for the drug trade, it’s a little bit harder to trace.

There are a lot fewer people in Hano now than they were before the crackdown.

There aren’t any real dealers or dealers of illegal drugs, and there’s not really a need for that.

So there’s no big money flowing into Hano anymore, and that has created an opportunity for more organized crime.

Hansan’s tourism bureau says it has only 1,500 hotel rooms and 2,000 apartments in the city.

That means that a typical visitor could find himself in a hotel room for six nights, or he could spend three nights in one place.

It is very expensive to get into a hotel, but the hotels are so small that it’s really hard to find a place in Hansans downtown.

A couple of years ago, when I was in Hanyang, it was pretty easy to find.

There were just about a hundred hotel rooms, and we had a lot better Internet than now.

Now, there’s just so much going on, and the police are so tight-knit, that they’re very much afraid to say anything.

This video shows a hotel where you can stay in Han.

The hotel is located in the Old Town district.

The interior is a little dusty, but you can see a little of the surrounding area.

You’re not allowed to go into the city center.

Instead, you can rent rooms at local hotels or at the city hall.

It costs around $3 a night.

You have to book through the police, and when you book, you get a stamp of approval from the hotel owner.

When I was there, I rented a room at the Holiday Inn.

It was a hotel that I had stayed at before and I loved.

It had a very modern and stylish look, and I knew that I could trust the hotel to give me a good night’s sleep.

When I booked my room, I was able to sleep for four nights straight.

But it was not until I came back home that I realized that I was sleeping in a room that I did not know existed.

The room was on the third floor, and my room mates were not letting me in.

The other room had the sign on the door saying, “No smoking, no alcohol, no pets.”

And that was the only room that was not on the top floor.

I had to call the hotel and they let me in for four days straight.

So that night, I had no idea what was going on in the room, and even though I knew the police were keeping an eye on me, I didn’t realize that they had actually given me a stamp to verify that I’d slept


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